How can that be?

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Well, we all like to shop local. Yet often we are obliged to use a national organization, and as such – this can lose that personal trust and confidence. Stairlift Comfort Specialists have developed a unique, direct and local stairlift service over the years to be available for everyone, and…IN ANY PART OF THE USA. The directors of this popular and respected stairlifts company, will personally respond and deal with your inquiry.

Just call the contact number most convenient for you. A quote can often be given on the telephone, and without the need for a visiting sales agent. Therefore, what you pay can be the most competitive stairlift price possible. If you prefer, a home visit and assessment can be obtained from the stairlift experts from any one of several manufacturers, for you to consider.

Or, and this will be of interest to the really ‘savvy’ shoppers – it is not necessary to have a home visit to get an exact and confirmed quote for a stairlift. It’s now possible with the use of a smart phone or tablet (see our homepage ). If you don’t have one, someone in the family, or a friend, will certainly will. All that is needed, is for you to send us a couple of photos. Then, a quick chat on the telephone to establish a few facts – eg the size and weight of the stairlift rider, the location of an outlet – and then we can text or email (or WhatsApp) your quote, along with a brochure of the recommended lift. This makes it all very simple, and of course avoiding the cost of a visit, which KEEPS EXPENSES DOWN – and this will be reflected in the final price to you. This doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t visit you though, but it’s not essential. Let’s thank technology!

Stairlift Comfort Specialists are directly supported by the service and installation back up of several top brand stairlift producers. No standard of service, installation or guarantee will be lost by contacting a smaller company. That is a promise. In fact there is a lot to be gained.

So you have the best of both worlds – national 24 support… yet the confidence of staying ‘local’.

Don’t hesitate, call your most convenient local stairlifts number… or if you prefer, dial toll free 888-997-3480 . Anytime.

Due to the success of our regional contact details, we are now able to offer you even more local numbers to choose from. Just go to our More Locations page below.

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